The is the most used casino & poker terms around the casino world. Hope this help you be more confident, when talking about your casino experiences.

BankrollGeneral – The amount you start gambling with.

BluffPoker – When you raise on a very bad hand, trying to make your opponent fold.

Burn CardPoker – The card that is removed from the deck before dealing a hand.

Card CountingBlackjack – When you count the cards to find and advantages over the house.

CompsGeneral – This is gifts given by the casino, the more you play more comps you get.

Even MoneyGeneral – You get the same money back as you did bet.

Face cardsGeneral – The Jack, Queen and King are called face cards.

FlushPoker – A hand that consists of five cards all-of-the same color.

Full HousePoker – A hand that consists of a three-of-a-kind and a pair.

High RollerGeneral – A player that plays with a big bankroll and place very large bets

HitBlackjack – You will be getting another card added to your hand.

InsuranceBlackjack – To place an extra bet to cover your loses, if the dealer gets blackjack.

JackpotSlots – A very large prize for winning.

LooseSlots – Loose machine is paying out a higher % than other machines.

Pay LineSlots – Lines you chose to bet on, if the chosen lines got the winning symbols you win.

PointCraps – The starting nr. for the game the player must roll again before the player sevens-out.

SessionGeneral – The given time that is spend playing in a casino

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