Online Roulette 3D

With stunning 3D gamescapes, genuine reel spins and authentic payout potential – online roulette is one of the most popular games in the casino. See how easy it is to play and check-out the game’s kudos level when it comes to playing with skill and strategy……..

Super-easy game-play
Online roulette instantly lets you get the Vegas Vibe on you screen – and it’s virtually fool-proof to start enjoying highly entertaining and potentially rewarding gaming sessions. It’s as easy as strolling into town, clicking to select a number or roulette block, clicking to set your wager level and releasing the famous reel to spin its way to glory.

Another beauty of online roulette is the wide range of betting options, giving gamers the power to choose their own fate, by betting on lucky numbers or going with logic and instinct. Naturally, there’s also the option of going for serious payouts with long odds, or playing it safe with near even money wagers.

Odd, Even, Red, Black, 1-18, 19-36: 1:1
1 to 12, 13-24, 25-36: 2 to 1
6 numbers: 5 to 1
0, 00, 1, 2, 3 combos: 6 to 1
4 number combs: 8 to 1
3 number combos: 11 to 1
2 number combos: 17 to 1
1 number: 35 to 1

High strike roulette
The power to define your odds is a very attractive aspect of roulette gaming. For example, betting on even money selections (red, black, odds, evens) is one of the safest bets in the casino. Although the house has a small edge, there chances of success is almost 50%. Although in theory it is no more profitable to bet on Red than a single number like 30, there is a better chance of most gamers experiencing hot sessions by playing with even money selections. When it comes to online casino bonus sessions, roulette is therefore a very popular and often rewarding gaming choice.

Hitting roulette with strategy
Roulette is a game of chance – if you bet on 17 and it comes up, there’s no doubt that you’ve got lucky, at least to some degree. However, what if you’d bet on the number 17, because a theory of probability suggested it had a better than average chance of winning? Is this really possible? The answer is potentially – yes. At least, according to mathematicians such as the infamous Andrucci.

The Andrucci Roulette Strategy says that there is order among chaos in nature – and that means the roulette table too! The chaos is represented by the time it takes for every number to win once, during a fresh roulette cycle. In contrast, the order is marked by the numbers that have a high win frequency before every number has won.

For example, if the number 17 has won 8 times in a cycle, and many other numbers have zero wins, Andrucci suggests that you should bet on the number 17! Essentially, although the odds of the number winning remain at 35-1 in the long-term, in the short-term it may be much better value. Experiment and see if the theory is worth pursuing when you hit the tables of the fabled Devil’s Game of roulette!

Beating Online Casino Games

Getting an edge and beating online casino games on a consistent basis takes a combination of skill, strategy and the occasional slice of luck. Many online casino experts will tell you that virtually every casino game can be played with a degree of logic.

Lucky casino games

Even though slots is an online casino game of pure chance, you may be able to boost your success by playing with a session profit target, stop loss and quitting a machine if it eats 10% of your budget (time to find a hotter machine!).

Expert online casino gamers suggest that medium payout machines are the best games to play with such a strategy, because they deliver a balance of win frequency and reward value.

Naturally, there’s no way to use strategy to win a massive progressive jackpot, such as the $500,000.00 plus paid out by machines such as Major Millions Jackpot Slots. However, it may be possible to use some sly game-play to lever a small advantage over online casino slots.

Probability-based online casino strategy

Online casino games such as roulette are a bit like flipping a coin, but fortunately for gamers – that means you can potentially get an edge by using probability system such as the Andrucci chaos theory to turn your online casino gaming into a science!

Every online casino game contains odds for any outcome, for example – a single number roulette win has odds of 35-1! If you paid attention at school, you’ll know that you can predict the chances of everything, including some online casino games. The Andrucci system is a classic online casino system that suggests that during a random set of results, there will always be some order – you just need to locate the order to boost you chances of winning online casino games. For example, try locating the frequently winning numbers during every roulette session, and start betting on them! The same logic can be applied to casino games such as Keno.

The web is packed with simple and complex online casino systems, so give them a try.

Skill strategies for online casino games

If you really want the best chance of beating online casino games – you’ll want to surf to the games that are truly designed respond to genuine gaming skill! Most casino pro’s focus on blackjack card counting and video poker strategies to maximise their edge. Fortunately, the latest online casino software frequently contains built-in auto-skill features to help novice online casino gamers play with real style!

Whatever you gaming level, online casino games deliver an awesome range of fun, coupled with the chance to try and get an edge over the casino with some tricks, skills and strategies. Even if you’re a pure recreational gamer, you can still boost your entertainment by gaming with a little logic and some pro tips.

Online Casino Gambling in the UK

Online gambling is one of the most popular leisure pursuits in the UK, with millions regularly betting in casinos or placing sports wagers. However, there are some key tips to ensure you online gambling remains fun and as rewarding as possible…….

Online gambling budget
Gambling with a sensible budget is the first thing you should do to maximise your enjoyment and potential gambling success – whether you’re a serious player or just looking for fun with casino games or sports betting.

Fundamentally, gaming with leisure cash immediately turns your gambling into a leisure pursuit rather than an activity where you have to win!

For example, you may have a weekly leisure budget of £100 to spend on the cinema and socialising – so setting aside £20 per week as an online gambling budget may be a sensible gaming level. If you lose the lot before the week is over… can simply walk away without chasing losses or any stress – remember it should be fun!

Online gambling wager levels
Playing with a large percentage of your bankroll can bring quick online gambling success – but it’s also a very risky strategy. It’s much more sensible to play with 1 or 2 percent of your bankroll and compound your gambling level if your bank gets bigger.

Online gambling with a session stop-loss
Hitting every online gambling session with a ‘stop-loss’ is a useful method of ensuring you never use your whole gaming budget in one session. If you have the power to walk away, you’ll be able to come back when your luck turns. For example, if your weekly budget is £50, you may set a stop loss at £20.

Online gambling with a profit target
In contrast to the stop loss, setting a profit target is useful to lock-in your online gambling profits rather than playing on and risking your luck turning. Successful online gambling is as much about protecting your bank as big wins! Setting a realistic profit target is also a key to your online gambling success – so don’t get greedy.

Online gambling strategies
Online gambling contains an element of luck, just like any gambling activity. However, there are numerous gambling niches where you can attempt to use skill and strategy to gain an edge. If your online gambling is focussed in casinos, it’s critical to focus on skill games such as poker, video poker, blackjack, Craps and even experiment with the array of online roulette systems. Playing slots and parlour games may have massive jackpot potential, but they remain 100% luck-based online gambling options!

Naturally, if your online gambling preference is sports betting, form analysis and free tipping analysts are the only way to enhance your long-term strike rate.

Online gambling bonuses
Online gambling and casino websites offer players an endless range of offers – either deposit match bonuses or no-deposit bonuses, which can be worth up to several hundred pounds. When you’re looking to try out any new online gambling niche, no-deposit bonuses are the best risk-free option, because if you decide it’s not for you – you can walk away without risking a penny.

Online Casino Gambling

Online gambling is one of the most popular leisure pursuits on the Internet, as well as being a professional gambling medium. Check out the most popular and rewarding online gambling niches and find the option that suits your desires for jackpot potential, entertainment or hardcore betting.

Casino table gambling

If you’re an online gambler looking for the casino games that have decorated the world’s finest casinos for centuries, table games are the premium online gambling option. Table games not only deliver real-feel casino gaming powered by the plushest gaming engines in existence – they also invariably respond to genuine online gambling strategies and casino skill play.

Online gambling websites deliver all the famous casino table games – including poker, blackjack, video poker, roulette, Craps, baccarat, Red Dog and many more. The latest online gambling software means playing online has the quality and detail to make the web a genuine online casino gambling platform.

If you’re looking for serious online gambling, these are the games to focus on, since the likes of Craps, blackjack, poker/video poker and blackjack can be played with professional gambling strategies in an attempt to get a long-term edge over the house. Naturally, with easy-play options, auto-skill and guided game-play, casual gamers can also enjoy the thrill and classic gambling of the real casino – and try and win with pure luck and instinct!

Slot Gambling

Slot machines are a big part of the online gambling industry – offering luck-based fruit machine fun with the bonus of potentially huge jackpot wins. Powered by authentic game-play and graphics, the intrinsic thrill of slot gaming gives online gambling fans an awesome leisure option, with typical payouts in the 95-98.5% zone.

Parlour Game Gambling
When it comes to pure leisure gaming, parlour games give slots a real run for their money and offer a relaxing online gambling option. The most famous parlour games include scratch cards, bingo and keno, but more online gambling sites and casinos are starting to offer puzzle games and simulations such as virtual horse racing.

Online Jackpot Gambling

Online gambling can reward lucky gamers with huge jackpot payouts – easily exceeding $500 000.00 and occasionally blowing the top off a million! Unfortunately, there’s no real way of landing online gambling mega-pay outs with skill – but lady luck is certainly making some lucky gamblers seriously rich. In fact, you only need to visit a few casino and online gambling websites to see the latest verified jackpot payouts. Progressive slot and video poker games and online jackpot games such as super keno and bingo are the games that most frequently have the capacity for extreme payouts.

Sports Gambling

Away from online casinos and gaming websites, sports betting is the other major player in the online gambling world. Betting exchanges have become very popular with online gamblers, permitting new betting markets and the chance to both back and lay selections. Naturally, all big-name bookmakers have migrated into cyberspace.

Online gambling bonuses

Whether you’re a sports, gaming or casino gamer, online gambling websites invariably offer bonus offers to persuade you to gamble with them. Thanks to the very competitive nature of the online gambling industry, the offers can frequently reward you with hundreds of pounds and free offers and bets.