Online Casino Gambling in the UK

Online gambling is one of the most popular leisure pursuits in the UK, with millions regularly betting in casinos or placing sports wagers. However, there are some key tips to ensure you online gambling remains fun and as rewarding as possible…….

Online gambling budget
Gambling with a sensible budget is the first thing you should do to maximise your enjoyment and potential gambling success – whether you’re a serious player or just looking for fun with casino games or sports betting.

Fundamentally, gaming with leisure cash immediately turns your gambling into a leisure pursuit rather than an activity where you have to win!

For example, you may have a weekly leisure budget of £100 to spend on the cinema and socialising – so setting aside £20 per week as an online gambling budget may be a sensible gaming level. If you lose the lot before the week is over… can simply walk away without chasing losses or any stress – remember it should be fun!

Online gambling wager levels
Playing with a large percentage of your bankroll can bring quick online gambling success – but it’s also a very risky strategy. It’s much more sensible to play with 1 or 2 percent of your bankroll and compound your gambling level if your bank gets bigger.

Online gambling with a session stop-loss
Hitting every online gambling session with a ‘stop-loss’ is a useful method of ensuring you never use your whole gaming budget in one session. If you have the power to walk away, you’ll be able to come back when your luck turns. For example, if your weekly budget is £50, you may set a stop loss at £20.

Online gambling with a profit target
In contrast to the stop loss, setting a profit target is useful to lock-in your online gambling profits rather than playing on and risking your luck turning. Successful online gambling is as much about protecting your bank as big wins! Setting a realistic profit target is also a key to your online gambling success – so don’t get greedy.

Online gambling strategies
Online gambling contains an element of luck, just like any gambling activity. However, there are numerous gambling niches where you can attempt to use skill and strategy to gain an edge. If your online gambling is focussed in casinos, it’s critical to focus on skill games such as poker, video poker, blackjack, Craps and even experiment with the array of online roulette systems. Playing slots and parlour games may have massive jackpot potential, but they remain 100% luck-based online gambling options!

Naturally, if your online gambling preference is sports betting, form analysis and free tipping analysts are the only way to enhance your long-term strike rate.

Online gambling bonuses
Online gambling and casino websites offer players an endless range of offers – either deposit match bonuses or no-deposit bonuses, which can be worth up to several hundred pounds. When you’re looking to try out any new online gambling niche, no-deposit bonuses are the best risk-free option, because if you decide it’s not for you – you can walk away without risking a penny.

Online Casino Gambling

Online gambling is one of the most popular leisure pursuits on the Internet, as well as being a professional gambling medium. Check out the most popular and rewarding online gambling niches and find the option that suits your desires for jackpot potential, entertainment or hardcore betting.

Casino table gambling

If you’re an online gambler looking for the casino games that have decorated the world’s finest casinos for centuries, table games are the premium online gambling option. Table games not only deliver real-feel casino gaming powered by the plushest gaming engines in existence – they also invariably respond to genuine online gambling strategies and casino skill play.

Online gambling websites deliver all the famous casino table games – including poker, blackjack, video poker, roulette, Craps, baccarat, Red Dog and many more. The latest online gambling software means playing online has the quality and detail to make the web a genuine online casino gambling platform.

If you’re looking for serious online gambling, these are the games to focus on, since the likes of Craps, blackjack, poker/video poker and blackjack can be played with professional gambling strategies in an attempt to get a long-term edge over the house. Naturally, with easy-play options, auto-skill and guided game-play, casual gamers can also enjoy the thrill and classic gambling of the real casino – and try and win with pure luck and instinct!

Slot Gambling

Slot machines are a big part of the online gambling industry – offering luck-based fruit machine fun with the bonus of potentially huge jackpot wins. Powered by authentic game-play and graphics, the intrinsic thrill of slot gaming gives online gambling fans an awesome leisure option, with typical payouts in the 95-98.5% zone.

Parlour Game Gambling
When it comes to pure leisure gaming, parlour games give slots a real run for their money and offer a relaxing online gambling option. The most famous parlour games include scratch cards, bingo and keno, but more online gambling sites and casinos are starting to offer puzzle games and simulations such as virtual horse racing.

Online Jackpot Gambling

Online gambling can reward lucky gamers with huge jackpot payouts – easily exceeding $500 000.00 and occasionally blowing the top off a million! Unfortunately, there’s no real way of landing online gambling mega-pay outs with skill – but lady luck is certainly making some lucky gamblers seriously rich. In fact, you only need to visit a few casino and online gambling websites to see the latest verified jackpot payouts. Progressive slot and video poker games and online jackpot games such as super keno and bingo are the games that most frequently have the capacity for extreme payouts.

Sports Gambling

Away from online casinos and gaming websites, sports betting is the other major player in the online gambling world. Betting exchanges have become very popular with online gamblers, permitting new betting markets and the chance to both back and lay selections. Naturally, all big-name bookmakers have migrated into cyberspace.

Online gambling bonuses

Whether you’re a sports, gaming or casino gamer, online gambling websites invariably offer bonus offers to persuade you to gamble with them. Thanks to the very competitive nature of the online gambling industry, the offers can frequently reward you with hundreds of pounds and free offers and bets.

European Commission cracks down on gambling bans

Greece, Netherlands, Germany and Sweden under EU investigation for breaking free trade laws


The European Union is exerting its rights to enforce free trade in Europe in the field of online gambling.


Greece and the Netherlands have both been warned by the EU that their exclusive policies are illegal.  Member states may not discriminate against trade from other states.  The two countries involved banned foreign online gambling providers, to protect their own nationally and privately run gambling activities.


In Greece, gambling activities are run almost exclusively by OPAP, with little competition.  OPAP has an exclusive licence to provide Greek gambling until 2020.  Dutch gambling is run by De Lotto and Holland Casino, protected by an exclusion of online competition clause.


The European Commission warned that if Greece and the Netherlands do not comply with EU free trade laws, they will face legal action at the European Court of Justice.


Germany has already been involved in a tussle with the EU over its gambling policies, since it introduced a ban on overseas gambling providers in January 2008.  Sweden was also cautioned, after a state poker site was launched, to the exclusion of other providers.  Other countries that could face action include Denmark, Finland and Hungary.


The gambling trade association, the Remote Gambling Association, has welcomed the EU’s decision to intervene.


This shows that protectionism will not be tolerated and that free trade must be allowed within Europe.  Having already been booted out of the US market by the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act last year, online casinos and betting sites cannot afford to lose more customers.


As well as protecting trade interests, the EU argues that consumers are entitled to a choice, and should have the option of choosing the best offer, whether provided by domestic or foreign companies.  EU commissioner Charlie McCreevy criticized the hypocrisy or some member states, which bans foreign gambling providers on the grounds of protecting their citizens, while actively promoting betting and gambling run by state monopolies.


Gambling is a lucrative business, and governments certainly want to get their share of the pie.  However, this EU intervention clearly states that competition must be allowed and that state governments must learn to share.

UK gambling ads pass with flying colours

The UK’s new gambling laws mean that casino operators, bookmakers and online gambling and poker sites can now advertise on television, as well as radio, billboards and online.

Since the introduction of this authorization in 2007, a survey has been carried out by the Advertising Standards Authority to ensure that all gambling adverts complied with the specified criteria – ads must not appeal to children and should be socially responsible. Adverts may not link gambling with achieving sexual success or financial security or as an aid to boost self-esteem.

The survey showed that 99% of adverts complied with the criteria, giving the green light to online gambling firms, poker rooms and betting sites to continue advertising.

Among the adverts surveyed were TV, radio, newspaper and magazine ads, billboards, online pop-up advertising and direct mailings.

A Ladbrokes TV ad was investigated after several complaints, but later cleared. It shows popular ex-footballers and commentators, including Ian Wright, Ally McCoist, Jimmy Hill and Kirsty Gallagher – dressed as construction workers in a greasy spoon café – arguing about who will win the Premiership, with the slogan, ‘Everyone’s got an opinion. What’s yours worth?’

Some viewers complained that using celebrity footballers could encourage young people to bet, however the advertising watchdog said that the stars were all middle-aged former footballers who would not appeal to children.

Outside the UK, a tasteless but rather funny TV advert for Tiger Gaming was banned. It showed a distraught family at their father’s hospital bedside. When the doctor tells them the patient only has a 3-1 chance of making it through the night, the nurse says, “I’ll take that”. The family members then also place bets, and when their father dies, celebrate winning the bet.

UK advertisers are treading far more carefully in their campaigns.

The 2005 Gambling Act, which came into effect in September 2007, aims to keep gambling crime free, to ensure that gambling online and offline is fair, and to protect children and vulnerable adults. The new law also made the new £1 million bingo prize possible, by allowing rollover jackpots. It was won for the first time in Wales last month.

Britain’s gambling industry is worth an estimated £91 billion. The industry is now controlled by the newly formed Gambling Commission. All betting and gambling operators are required by law to prominently display information about responsible gambling on their site or premises.