Mega Moolah Slot Review

Mega Moolah has a big reputation for being the ultimate big-time progressive jackpot slot – anywhere in cyberspace! So, it was well and truly time to stop playing video poker and try something that I’ve been itching to do for a while – take this ‘slot beast’ for a good test drive, to check-out its credentials for being the self-proclaimed king of the jackpots. How did it do – read on to find out……

Graphics 8/10
You can really feel the heat and go wild with Mega Moolah – thanks to every spin taking you on an awesome African safari, packed with rampant cartoon-style animals strutting their stuff and delivering the delightful beats of the plains! The colourful animals icons include giraffes, zebras, elephants and lions and spin with lovely speed thanks to the latest Microgaming viper platform. It’s all a hi-tech throw back to cool arcade jackpot machines, with super-bright interfaces, a nice chunky feel and seriously slick appeal. It’s one of those slot games that when you see it – ‘you just have to play’!

Super slot features & game-play 8/10
Mega Moolah fires out its African rhythm over 5-reels and 25 hot paylines, with an array of animal icons and large alphabet symbols – and of course, the jackpot Mega Moolah trigger itself! Every spin of the reels shaves off a small proportion of the spin value – depositing it into the stunning progressive jackpot growth fund! Mega Moolah is crammed with wilds, free spin triggers, bonus screens, multipliers, scatters and 125.00 coin options! Wild Lions roam the reels to double wins, while the cool headhunter trophies scatter through the wilderness with the scatter monkey, to prowl for 15 Free Spins and 300% win multipliers! While loading-up the machine delivers maximum jackpot scope, every game-hunter can chase the prize moolah with spin values to suit their bank.

Bonuses & jackpot 9/10
This is where Mega Moolah really hit the jackpot – sometimes literally! Triggering the Mega Moolah instantly launches the magnificent Wheel of Fortune, giving you the chance to spin the wheel and hot one of tiered jackpots – progressing from mini to minor, major and mega (10.00, 100.00, 10,000.00 and 1,000,000.00+!). No other casino slot game delivers tension and excitement like Mega Moolah’s wheel of fortune, where max spin gamers can win over $5 million in an instant!
So – how did my jackpot mission fare? Well, after one spin of the reels the Mega Moolah jackpot triggered (ok, so I didn’t really win the dream progressive), but Mega Moolha really is the number one machine when it comes to instant riches, for seriously lucky slot gamers!
Just playing the game is enough to raise your heart beat and have your dreaming of desert island paradise! If any game has life-changing potential….this is it.
Sadly, while I did manage to hit a couple of Mega Moolah icons, my luck wasn’t in – although I did strike a low level 10.00 payout on the wheel of fortune! With progressively bigger 100.00, 10,000.00 and the big one still eluding me….there’s always next time and someone has to win!

Mega Moolah – King of the Slot Jungle? 8/10
If you want the chance to be the true king of the casino – playing Mega Moolah has to be the first slot machine on any gamer’s hot list. It’s in the lap of the gods’ whether fate strikes your spin, but for sheer adrenalin, excitement and interactive rewards, Mega Moolah simply has to be played!

Beating Online Casino Games

Getting an edge and beating online casino games on a consistent basis takes a combination of skill, strategy and the occasional slice of luck. Many online casino experts will tell you that virtually every casino game can be played with a degree of logic.

Lucky casino games

Even though slots is an online casino game of pure chance, you may be able to boost your success by playing with a session profit target, stop loss and quitting a machine if it eats 10% of your budget (time to find a hotter machine!).

Expert online casino gamers suggest that medium payout machines are the best games to play with such a strategy, because they deliver a balance of win frequency and reward value.

Naturally, there’s no way to use strategy to win a massive progressive jackpot, such as the $500,000.00 plus paid out by machines such as Major Millions Jackpot Slots. However, it may be possible to use some sly game-play to lever a small advantage over online casino slots.

Probability-based online casino strategy

Online casino games such as roulette are a bit like flipping a coin, but fortunately for gamers – that means you can potentially get an edge by using probability system such as the Andrucci chaos theory to turn your online casino gaming into a science!

Every online casino game contains odds for any outcome, for example – a single number roulette win has odds of 35-1! If you paid attention at school, you’ll know that you can predict the chances of everything, including some online casino games. The Andrucci system is a classic online casino system that suggests that during a random set of results, there will always be some order – you just need to locate the order to boost you chances of winning online casino games. For example, try locating the frequently winning numbers during every roulette session, and start betting on them! The same logic can be applied to casino games such as Keno.

The web is packed with simple and complex online casino systems, so give them a try.

Skill strategies for online casino games

If you really want the best chance of beating online casino games – you’ll want to surf to the games that are truly designed respond to genuine gaming skill! Most casino pro’s focus on blackjack card counting and video poker strategies to maximise their edge. Fortunately, the latest online casino software frequently contains built-in auto-skill features to help novice online casino gamers play with real style!

Whatever you gaming level, online casino games deliver an awesome range of fun, coupled with the chance to try and get an edge over the casino with some tricks, skills and strategies. Even if you’re a pure recreational gamer, you can still boost your entertainment by gaming with a little logic and some pro tips.

Online Casino Gaming

Online casino gaming offers every gambler and Internet gamer an array of options and rewards. Check out our casino FAQ to get to grips with casino gaming and hit an online casino with style…..

Can you play video games in online casino websites?

Online casino developers are increasingly releasing games geared towards traditional gamers – meaning there’s now an array of cool games that mimic the fun of video games….plus the reward potential of gambling!

Futuristic video slots are one online casino niche that’s a hit with video gamers, delivering slots with progressive story lines, cool graphics and interactive elements to win bonus rewards. Many online casino video slots are based on famous themes such as the Tombraider franchise, further strengthening the link with video games. Video slots deliver the same classic online casino slot features as fruit machines – such as wilds, scatters, win multipliers, free spins and cool icons and jackpot payouts for lucky gamers.

The latest online casino innovation is multi-player slot competitions, allowing gamers to play for guaranteed slot payouts rather than game against the machine. Played on video slot interfaces, it’s another step forward for video gamers in the online casino world.

Can you beat online casino games?

From Las Vegas to the the online casino websites – the house always has a built in edge, meaning average online casino payouts are around 95-99%. Therefore, if you play games of luck such as jackpot slots – you need lady luck to shine to guarantee an edge over the online casino. However, taking the time to learn some gaming strategies and applying them to proven skill games such as poker, blackjack and video poker can deliver the potential to turn the tables on the house and get an edge over the online casino you choose to play at! Many of the latest online casino games such as Microgaming Video Poker games contain cool auto-skill options to instantly boost your gaming level and maximise winning opportunities.

Which games deliver the best online casino jackpots?

Online casino gaming has the power to make lucky gamers immensely rich – and while you’ll need a huge slice of luck to join the big winners, there’s always a chance of hitting the big time! If you dream of landing a casino jackpot, progressive jackpot slots, progressive video poker and super keno games remain the kings of the online casino world. So – how much can you win? The answer is potentially hundreds of thousands of pounds, with jackpot machines such as Major Millions Jackpot capable of building prize pools in excess of 1 million dollars! The chances of actually hitting a jackpot are of course like landing a lotto win, but someone has to win! However, there are thousands of lower level jackpots paid out frequently – just visit the online casino websites to see the latest verified winners.

Are online casino bonuses as good as they sound?

The best casino bonuses are like having a risk-free loan from a wealthy casino boss – giving you hundreds or thousands of free credits to wager during bonus sessions. If you blow the lot, the online casino security won’t come running….you can just surf away and find a new bonus offer. On the other hand, if you strike it lucky or have the skill – you can use the cash to bank your own cash. Realistically, you can win around £100 risk-free with goo no-deposit online casino bonuses. Be aware that some online casino bonus offers require your to make a deposit, so it’s always preferable to look for no-deposit bonuses which are genuinely risk and obligation free.