Online Casinos have huge Jackpots

If you can't get to Vegas – then the deluxe online casinos are you best options when it comes to endless gaming choice, real Vegas style games and payouts to match. Checking out the big web casinos instantly puts more than 200 games at your fingertips, including classic slots, feature video slots, progressive jackpots, and all the world famous table games like poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps and cutting edge video poker. Powered by some seriously cool gaming software, hitting the web rewards you with ultra-real gamescapes, 3D graphics and many games that replicate the buzz of real casino machines – such as Video slots like Tombraider Secret of the Sword. In addition, the latest table gaming environments in online casinos are slick and stylish enough for anything from atmospheric, hardcore gambling sessions – to fantasy gaming for novices and leisure gamers.

Payout power and jackpots in online casinos

The payout scope of the big online casinos makes them a seriously attractive proposition – whether you're a pro or a newbie! First-up, all reputable online casinos will match the average payout level of world class land casino, with typical payback levels in excess of 95%. That means a relatively small casino edge, and plenty of regular wins for gamers of all levels. However, thanks to the growth and huge popularity of online casinos, many gaming destinations offer jackpot levels over 1 million (in progressive jackpot games). So – online casinos are the real deal in more ways than one – with life changing potential for lucky players!

Strategic fun & rewards from online casinos

You can play online casinos with stakes as low as 0.01 – 0.10, and simply have fun with a luck-based approach on any games you wish. However, more and more gamers are boosting the fun and payout potential by gaming with a strategic approach. In fact, virtually any casino game can be played with simple systems and skills. However, there's no doubt that games like roulette, blackjack, poker, craps, baccarat and video poker are much more receptive to strategies, compared to slots and lotto games! The most popular online strategies are generally 'even money' strategies, which are usable by any level of gamer. Take a look at a classic even money systems being used by casual gamers in online casinos:

Martingale System for even money betting in casinos:

Bet 1: 1 credit wager on even money selection (such as roulette red)

Winning wager: Place another 1 credit bet

Losing wager: Place a 2 credit wager on your next bet and continue the process until you win! Because the odds of a string of losing even money bets becomes very low after 5 or 6 bets, the odds are stacked in your favour.

Naturally, no casino system is 100% safe, and while the stats are in your favour with he example above, you're sure to hit an unlucky session at some point! Gaming in casinos with a strict stop loss limit is the sure-fire way to maintain a healthy gaming bank – enabling you to return when the luck strikes again.

Free-play casino bonus sessions are the ideal way to trial the games and try out strategies, without any chance of losing your own cash.

Online Scratch Card Bonuses

Just about everyone has felt the thrill of scratch card gaming – but what about the new craze of online scratch cards? Many traditional gamers are a little afraid of giving them a try, but when you do – you’re almost guaranteed to be impressed with the quality of gaming, options and of course – the jackpot potential.

Why play online scratch cards?

Online scratch cards deliver a fresh and unique take on the concept of scratch card gaming – powered by super-slick graphics, animated features, cool audio and 3D gamescapes that are guaranteed to thrill and entertain endlessly. Many cards contain digital coins that deliver a ‘real-feel’ experience that many think is ‘better than the real thing’! With a massive range of wager levels to suit small-time casual gamers and serious pro’s, scratchie gaming is more accessible than ever before. Of course, because you can access cards any time you wish – you can chill out in style 24/7.

Scratch card skill?

Whether you play hardcore casino games or jackpot games such as scratch cards – everyone wants to win as frequently as possible. However, it’s not possible to play scratch cards either in the real world or online, with any genuine skills or strategies to boost your chances of success. Fortunately, every scratch cards is loaded with winning potential, while there are numerous online scratch card tips that can help you boost your fun and maybe your success……..

* Play with a slot gaming budget and stop loss, meaning you’ll always have fun
* Play several scratch card gaming sessions per week to boost the chances of hitting a hot session
* Do not try and re-coup scratch card losses
* Play scratch cards with level stakes
* Focus on fun and let the wins take care of themselves

Scratch card payouts

Just like the big offline scratch cards, the online variety is packed with huge payout potential – with the power to deliver hundreds of thousand with high value scratchie gaming! Most online scratch cards have average payout levels of 95-98.5%, meaning any gamer can enjoy frequent gaming without a big bankroll. It’s therefore no surprise that scratchie gaming is increasingly growing in popularity in cyberspace.

Scratch card bonuses

If you want to test out the amazing entertainment value of scratch card gaming, then there’s no better way than downloading a casino parlour and launching the free-play, no-deposit bonuses. The best casino bonuses enable you to play up to £1000.00’s worth of scratch cards, and use the credits to bank real cash!

Play Online Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are part of the gambling world, and have been for several decades – but what's all this hype about the online variety? Many people don't think online scratch cards can possibly match the thrill of the 'real thing' – but they're seriously wrong! Check out why and test them out for free………….

Why play online scratch cards?

While it may be true that online scratch cards lack the intrinsic enjoyment of picking up a physical card and rubbing away the foil, they more than make up for it with a cool range of features. First-up, online scratchies look amazing, with 3D graphics, bright colours, sounds and animated features, creating a very visually stimulating digital card. Many cards even feature digital coins, meaning you can still get the 'scratch sensation'. Naturally, online scratch cards can be played at home, meaning you can play whenever you wish, 24/7! When combined with card value from 0.10 to 50.00 and more, there's scope for everyone to play many cards per week, without a big bank roll. In addition, web technology allows you to game however you wish – wither taking your time with a few leisurely cards, or going hardcore with hundreds of cards and auto-scratch functionality!

Scratch card strategies

While it would be nice to think you could always guarantee scratch card success – unfortunately scratchies are the ultimate game of luck and chance. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't win regularly, or even strike the jackpot – because ever card could be a winner. However, while scratch card skill might be impossible, there's an array of simple tips which can be used to boost you game-time and maybe your success:

* Play with a weekly budget
* Split your scratchies gaming into several weekly sessions (you never know when you'll find that lucky card!)
* Never chase scratch card losses
* Don't raise your card value in search of bigger wins – use the same card value throughout your sessions, until you can play all the cards at a high value
* Always remember that scratch gaming is meant to be about fun!
* Play an array of scratch cards, and never be afraid to walk away in defeat

Scratch card payouts

Online scratch card jackpots can really rock your world – with mega payouts worth hundreds of thousand possible in the best casino gaming parlours! In general, scratch card gamers can expect average payouts in the 95-98.5% zone, meaning you can look forward to regular low level payouts – as you quest for a serious jackpot! The high average payouts means you can play for hours each week, with a low gaming budget, making scratchies a very attractive leisure pursuit.

Scratch card bonuses

The latest online scratch cards can be sampled by downloading a good online casino and using free play bonus credits to scratch real cards, without depositing any of your own cash. So – get scratching and see why the online version are better than the real thing!

Online Scratch Cards Games

Imagine scratching away the shiny foil, bit-by-bit and revealing three sparkling winning icons – no, you're not playing a scratch card, you're playing an 'online scratch card'!

To anyone who hasn't tried them, it may seem strange to play a scratch card on the Internet. However, the latest web graphics deliver an incredibly attractive and super slick card experience, with cool audio features and animated icons that are more than a match for the 'real thing'!

So, while it's true that you can't physically pick up a digital scratch card, the graphics and gaming options more than make up for it. Check out the exclusive advantages of playing scratchies online……………..

Pick your scratch card style
Everyone plays scratch cards in a different way, and playing them in online casino parlours is the ideal way to playing with a scratchie style that suits you. For example, if you only want to play few cards per session, you can sit back and relax with a digital coin and run away to your heart's content. You can crank up the tension by going super-slow and savour the moment – perfect for a coffee break or a cosy night in.

In contrast, the web maximises the scratch experience for hardcore gamers who want to play high value cards and high volume gaming. Online scratchies can be set to auto-scratch to play hundreds of cards in a short space of time, with wager levels up to truly pro card values.

Play scratch cards for pennies
Offline scratch cards typically cost about £1,meaning playing hundreds of cards every week is not possible for most gamers – especially if you hit a bad lot of cards! However, on the web things are different, with cards from as little as 10 pence! In other words, you can play ten times as much, with the same budget! However, online scratch cards can be played with progressively bigger card values – meaning you can up the stakes to seriously high levels, if you so wish!

Play free scratch cards
Thanks to the latest casino bonuses and the free gaming options available at good web casinos – you can even try out online scratch cards without spending any cash – try doing that with the real thing! What's more, with no-deposit bonus rewards you can play the scratchies for real, and win cash without raiding the piggy bank.

Play 24/7
Online scratch cards are at your fingertips whenever you fancy taking a break or cheering yourself up – at work, at home or even on your mobile at some casinos!

Big payouts!
Online scratch cards can also deliver just as much payout power as traditional cards – with prizes paid out in coin number – meaning the more you wager, the more you win! Big value gaming can deliver huge payouts worth many thousands, but with average 95-98.5% returns, every gamer can play for hours of fun and thrills.