Poker Nations Cup won by Brits

The Brits came out on top at the Poker Nations Cup, held in Cardiff, Wales this month. This unusual poker tournament pits national teams against each other.

Each team consists of 5 poker pros plus 1 online qualifier who gets to play alongside the experts. Competing teams in this year’s tournament were UK, Denmark, USA, Ireland, Sweden and Germany. This is a great opportunity for online poker players to get involved in a major tournament and learn a thing or two from well-travelled players.

Each player plays one game and earns points for their country’s team. Buy-in is $5,000 per player, with $100,000 added to the prize pool by the organisers.

The British team took first place at the Poker Nations Cup with a team including Neil Channing – winner of the recent Irish Open, Roland De Wolfe (team captain), Joe Beevers, Ian Frazer, Surinder Sunar and online qualifier Charlie Durbin. The total prize pool was $280,000 of which $100,000 went to the first prize team.

The team captain is an important role since he must choose which players to play in the grand final and can call a time-out for strategy discussions.

The Irish team came a close second with a strong performance, winning $30,000. Last year’s winners, Sweden, participated with a strong contingent, while the USA team included Chris Ferguson and TV host and poker fan Montel Williams. Since US law forbids online poker, no qualifier could be included, which is why the American team plumped for a celebrity player. Montel is a seasoned player and took part in the WSOP Main Event in 2007.

The annual tournament is televised and will be broadcast on Channel Four. It is the only poker tournament of its kind that has players participating as a team, which adds a new dimension to what is usually an individual game.

World Series of Poker 2008 seats to be won online

Seats for the 2008 World Series of Poker are presently being awarded by several online casino providers. Many online poker sites are offering the opportunity for qualifiers to compete for these greatly sought-after places.

Scheduled to be held from July 1st – 15th 2008 in Las Vegas, the Main Event of the WSOP is one of the biggest events in the poker world. Direct entry costs $10,000, but players can win themselves an entry by qualifying online.

Several online poker sites will be sending players to the WSOP 2008 Main Event.

Players can be in with a chance by playing in satellites and WSOP qualifiers.

Later in the year, the WSOP Europe will be held between September 19th and October 1st in London. This is only the second year the event has been held in Europe and organizers are confident that this year’s event will be a huge success. In attracting to the table the most prestigious and talented players from throughout the world, the game cannot fail to provide some of the most tense and exciting play ever seen.

Having given some of the best known players a shock in the 2007 WSOP Europe, newcomer Annette Obrestad took first place last year, aged just 18 at the time. The pros have not forgotten last year’s events and are sure to be on their guard, with new online champs appearing all the time. As the pros seek a comeback though tougher strategies and new play, this year’s competition promises to be a first class tournament.

While seats are sought after and players eagerly await the summer, many wait to see if football star David Beckham will indeed be present at the WSOP 2008 after having been invited earlier this year. It is hoped that such a presence will not only raise considerable interest but will also raise the popularity of the game amongst a thriving mass of new and potential clients. While Beckham’s true talent at the poker table remains unknown, inside sources have confirmed his participation in the game with teammates during FIFA World Cup and the European Championships. It remains to be seen if we shall be seeing Beckham seated around the poker table later this year.