Online Casino Craps

Many online casino gamers remain in awe of the Craps table – but taking a little time to master the game, delivers the ultimate in sophisticated entertainment, a low house edge and the biggest selection of wagers you’ve ever seen!

One of the real attractions of online craps is the dice – something that everyone can relate to from childhood games like Monopoly. In fact, at its roots craps is really just like a classy board game – it’s packed with betting options, but it’s dictated by rolling the famous dice over the slick table. Hopefully, learning that makes the game a little less scary!
Craps is one of Las Vegas’ most treasured games, providing the city with an array of infamous gaming coups and massive jackpots. The key to huge craps rewards is all in the roll – or, more appropriately – a string of very lucky rolls. If you’ve ever used the saying, ‘on a roll’… now know where it really comes from. In fact, one of the longest ever craps rolls was performed by a Vegas gamer by the names of Stanley Fujitake, in 1989, whose lucky arm hit 118 consecutive rolls, including 18 Pass Line wins. Lasting 3 hours and 6 minutes, rumour has it that it cost the The California Hotel & Casino as much as $700,000.00! Ironically, it was a few Vegas pro’s who made a killing at the table, thanks to the opportunity to catch a ride by wagering on the players success. So, if your own luck isn’t in – just use someone else’s!

Thankfully, you no longer need to jet out to Vegas to feel the thrill of Craps gaming, with a cool range of cyber craps tables available in the latest online casinos. Featuring more betting options than all the other casino games put together – craps delivers a highly enjoyable and potentially rewarding mix of luck and strategy. What’s more, some craps bets have arguably the lowest casino edge in the world!

The one barrier to playing craps, for most gamers – is the complexity of the game’s rules. However, the good news is they’re not as complicated as most people think. In addition, with free-play and bonus options from high-class casino websites, you can get up to speed in record time, with zero risk to your gaming bank!

The core Craps wagers are fairly similar, known as the Pass the Line and Don’t Pass the Line bets.

If you select a Pass the Line bet, rolling a 7 or 11 scores a win, but you fail when hitting 2, 3 or 12. If you roll another outcome, a point is defined – meaning you can win by rolling the value before hitting 7. On the other hand, hitting a 2 or 3 with the Don’t Pass the Line wager results in a success, while 7 or 11 loses. The number 12 voids the bet, and a point is formed by rolling any other number.

Come and Don’t come wagers are also very popular at the Craps table, and have close similarity to the Line wagers. However, the beauty of Come betting is the chance to set the point yourself – great news if you have lucky numbers!

If you’re looking for pure pleasure – you can head for the section of the table that has a definitive ‘lotto vibe’ – otherwise known as the Hardway and Proposition bets. These craps wagers payout different rewards, depending on the numbers rolled – it’s as simple as that! For example, Proposition 7’s returns a win at 4-1, and a huge 30-1 for two sixes! You can have fun by going for Big Six and Eight challenges (rolling a 6/8 before a 7), Field Bets (rolling a 2, 4, 9, 10, and 12 for varied rewards) and Place Bets (selecting 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 and rolling it before a 7 is rolled).
Learning Craps is simpler than ever before, and with an array of bonus chips waiting for you with many good casino downloads – it’s also a risk-free Vegas buzz.

Online Craps Games

Casino Craps is one of the world's most famous casino games – the game of choice for a countless array of slick Las Vegas movies and the ultimate lucky game for high rollers and massive lucky payouts!

In fact, like roulette, Craps is infamous for outrageously fortunate gaming sessions that have turned a $50 note into hundreds of thousands! There are awesome stories from Vegas where the crowds have grown bigger and bigger as the next high roller goes for broke on the Craps table and hits the ultimate string of lucky rolls.

While you may never get quite so fortunate, online Craps delivers an immensely rich gaming experience.

Craps is closely linked to the ancient and mystical game of Hazard, brought back from Arabia during the crusades. There's some debate whether the game emerged from a fabled attack on a walled city called Azard or the Arabic name for dice. The chances are the story of the attack sounded much more heroic when the crusaders returned to England!

What's for sure is the game spread like wild fire, even getting a mention in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. However, the French often lay claim to inventing Craps, by corrupting the term used to throw a 2 – and so allegedly Crab become Craps!

Once Craps was taken to America during the gold rush, the game of Craps you can play in online casino today, quickly emerged. Legend has it that the as the French settlers ventured south (to become the Cajuns), Craps/Hazard was taken with them, leaving its mark along the way. In the deep south, the games of Hazard and African Dominos are said to have entered the melting pot and come out with the new rules of Craps.

From the south, the game spread through the whole of the USA via the Mississippi Riverboats, leading to refined rules that made the use of crooked dice virtually obsolete, such as permitting players to wager with the shooter or bet against them.

Casino players today still love the thrill and pure fate deciding rolls of the dice that can deliver incredible runs of good fortune. In fact, it's said that more cash is wagered at the Craps table than any other table game! The latest online Craps tables also offer extremely rich graphics and fast, slick gaming – they'd be going crazy on the Riverboats if they had the power of the web!

There's no doubt that Craps delivers a unique casino experience and more betting options than any other game – around 40 on traditional Craps tables! What's more, although some Craps wagers are heavily weighted in favour of the casino, other bets can be played with virtually no casino edge!

Many online casino gamers are frightened by the complex betting options offered by Craps, but taking a bit of time to master the table yields a great game of chance. Craps is like a glorified, complex lotto board with never ending options. What's more, one you're up and running, there's no better feeling than chilling-out for a session of the casino's hidden gem – online Craps!

Play Craps at Online Casinos

Craps is the casino game packed with more betting options than any game in the world – in fact there are around 40 in most versions of the game! However, don't be scared off because online Craps can be turned into one of the games with the lowest casino edge (I thought that might get your attention!)

When compared to other games of chance such as slots and roulette – Craps can offer you a serious advantage. However, not all Craps bets will give you an edge – just check out the casino advantage on the most popular Craps wagers:

Seven -16.66%
Eleven -16.66%
Place wagers – 1.51%.
Buy wagers – 4.76%.
Hard ways – 9.09% or 11.11%
Pass line – 1.414%
Don't pass – 1.402%
Come/Don't Come bets – 1.414% or 1.402%
Field Bet – 5.55%.
Any Craps – 11.11%
Big 6 & 8 – 9.09%

As you can see, the casino generally has an edge in Craps, and that means unless you're having a hot session with the dice – you won't walk away with cash stuffed in your pocket.

However, you can enhance your chances with a strategic approach – turning the odds more in your favour!

Betting on Pass the Line Craps bets

If you're new to Craps, you need to know that The Pass the Line wager is initially made before the new shooter makes a roll. If the gamer rolls a 7 or 11 you win, but lose with a 2, 3 or 12.

Now take note – if a 4, 5, 6, 8. 9 or 10 is rolled a point is set (the point they must roll again before rolling a 7), which is the trigger for you to turn the odds in your favour, with the 'Odds Bet'!

Simply put – many Craps tables allow you to place a second bet on the Pass the Line wager, once the point has been defined. If the shooter hits the point, you win at even money for the first wager and receive a second payout for the additional wager – dramatically reducing the casino's edge:

Point of 4 or 10: 2:1
Point of 5 or 9: 3:2
Point of 6 or 8: 6:5

The amount of cash you're allowed to place on the Craps Odds bet may vary – for example some games allow you to double the value of your initial Pass the Line stake:

Pass The Line Stake = £100
Craps Odds stake = £200

So, hit the Craps casinos with this cool tip and see if you can beat the casino when betting on the shooter – you can even use it during free bonus sessions to bank some cash!