High Streak Blackjack Gold Review

Blackjack has always been the casino connoisseurs’ classic gaming choice – the game that’s smashed hundreds dealers in Las Vegas’ and taken millions from the world’s most notorious casinos! So – when I had the chance to trial the blackjack game that’s the talk of the web, I jumped right in. The game’s High Streak Blackjack Gold – and it seriously rocks!

Graphics & game-play 9/10
Following on from the impressive line of Microgaming Casino Gold Series, High Streak Blackjack Gold delivers super-real, high definition 3D graphics and the smoothest game-play that will have you drooling over the shiny cards, skimming over the slick table!
In all seriousness – this is the ultimate blackjack gamescape, played with 2 standard decks of 52 cards….just dim the lights, take the edge off your nerves with a well deserved drink and drift away into a a real casino fantasy. Whether you have the skill needed to shake the house or desire only the finest blackjack gaming that money can buy – forget about Las Vegas and try High Streak Blackjack Gold.

Special Features 8/10
This is no ordinary blackjack game – it’s super-charged to deliver a unique twist that could make the casino regret ever letting you near the joint!
The High Streak concept of the game allows you to smash the house with a string of winning bets – with progressively bigger and bigger payouts! Hit one High Streak and receive even money, hit two and receive 2:1, land 5:1 with a triple win and a magnificent 10:1 for four winning bets in a row! The High Streak is instantly activated after a winning hand, giving you the option of going for gold with the side bet.
There’s no late surrender to worry about, but the game features classic 21 Splitting, meaning you’re permitted to draw a 10 after the split! The double-down and insurance options are standard, meaning you can only double-down on hands of 9, 10 or 11.

Like every game in the Microgaming Gold Series, the game has the scope to be hit with hardcore skills and strategies. However, every level of gamer can potentially land some awesome wins – while max stake players could end-up with incredible rewards!

High Streak Blackjack Verdict – 9/10
It’s not often you get to play a game and instantly know it’s something a little special – but for many gamers, that’s the exact vibe delivered by the power of High Streak Blackjack Gold. The graphics are simply faultless, the gaming is slick as it comes and the bonus High Streak bet, converts classic blackjack into a beast of a game.

Major Millions Slot Review

The big progressive jackpot machines are famous for delivering complex games – but what about a sharp-shooting, simple slot game that comes complete with a top of the range progressive jackpot? The answer is Major Millions Jackpot Slot – the most famous instant-play super slot on the web. See what our expert games testers thought when they raided their piggy banks for a crack at the Major’s jackpot………

Graphics 9/10
It’s a genuine arcade thrill when you go to war with Major Millions Slot – packed with an adventurous collection of cartoon style Majors Millions, Binoculars, Battle Ships, Jackpot Planes, Tanks, Medals, Top Secret Files and secret Treasure Chests. The ‘old skool’ style, powered by the latest gaming engines – looks cool and runs as smooth as silk, backed by funky fruity sounds that are sweet enough to leaves real casino connoisseurs drooling!

Super slot features & game-play 9/10
The fame and popularity of Major Millions isn’t surprising – thanks to the game’s awesome playability. Even slot novices can load-up Millions and enjoy instant gratification, with just 3 chunky reels and 3 coin gaming options to get to grips with. However, with the opportunity to play with 3 coins and activate 15 paylines – the potential for escalating payouts is huge. In fact, playing with max spin values and activating the 15th payline triggers the full Major Millions Jackpot potential! However, the power of the Major is the real focus of the machine – acting as a Wild, boosting payouts by 100% with one Major and by 400% with 2 of his fearsome icons! What’s more, even if you don’t opt for the power of the game’s jackpot option – you can still enjoy the Scatter Explosion by matching 3 icons anywhere over the pay lines!
Major Millions delivers base payouts from 2.00 for 2 x Binoculars – all the way to the bank breaking 4000.00 coin Major Millions Jackpot, with 5 juicy Major Icons!

Bonus Jackpot & payout level 8/10
Major Millions can be played with a novice or serious approach. However, gamers should be aware that the jackpot is only activated when gaming with 3 coins – so don’t make the mistake of hitting the jackpot symbols but forgetting to insert 3 coins! Hitting 5 Major Million Icons instantly triggers the max jackpot, which consistently smashed through the 500,000.00 figure! The Bonus Major Wild also only activates with 3-coin gaming.

Major Millions – The Verdict 9/10
Major Millions is a classic slot game that has the power to explode into an awesome Progressive Jackpot machine – by simply using an extra coin! So – it’s no wonder it has such a famous reputation among casino novices are serious gamers. Go to war with Major Millions and have a heroic slot adventure – instantly!

Mega Moolah Slot Review

Mega Moolah has a big reputation for being the ultimate big-time progressive jackpot slot – anywhere in cyberspace! So, it was well and truly time to stop playing video poker and try something that I’ve been itching to do for a while – take this ‘slot beast’ for a good test drive, to check-out its credentials for being the self-proclaimed king of the jackpots. How did it do – read on to find out……

Graphics 8/10
You can really feel the heat and go wild with Mega Moolah – thanks to every spin taking you on an awesome African safari, packed with rampant cartoon-style animals strutting their stuff and delivering the delightful beats of the plains! The colourful animals icons include giraffes, zebras, elephants and lions and spin with lovely speed thanks to the latest Microgaming viper platform. It’s all a hi-tech throw back to cool arcade jackpot machines, with super-bright interfaces, a nice chunky feel and seriously slick appeal. It’s one of those slot games that when you see it – ‘you just have to play’!

Super slot features & game-play 8/10
Mega Moolah fires out its African rhythm over 5-reels and 25 hot paylines, with an array of animal icons and large alphabet symbols – and of course, the jackpot Mega Moolah trigger itself! Every spin of the reels shaves off a small proportion of the spin value – depositing it into the stunning progressive jackpot growth fund! Mega Moolah is crammed with wilds, free spin triggers, bonus screens, multipliers, scatters and 125.00 coin options! Wild Lions roam the reels to double wins, while the cool headhunter trophies scatter through the wilderness with the scatter monkey, to prowl for 15 Free Spins and 300% win multipliers! While loading-up the machine delivers maximum jackpot scope, every game-hunter can chase the prize moolah with spin values to suit their bank.

Bonuses & jackpot 9/10
This is where Mega Moolah really hit the jackpot – sometimes literally! Triggering the Mega Moolah instantly launches the magnificent Wheel of Fortune, giving you the chance to spin the wheel and hot one of tiered jackpots – progressing from mini to minor, major and mega (10.00, 100.00, 10,000.00 and 1,000,000.00+!). No other casino slot game delivers tension and excitement like Mega Moolah’s wheel of fortune, where max spin gamers can win over $5 million in an instant!
So – how did my jackpot mission fare? Well, after one spin of the reels the Mega Moolah jackpot triggered (ok, so I didn’t really win the dream progressive), but Mega Moolha really is the number one machine when it comes to instant riches, for seriously lucky slot gamers!
Just playing the game is enough to raise your heart beat and have your dreaming of desert island paradise! If any game has life-changing potential….this is it.
Sadly, while I did manage to hit a couple of Mega Moolah icons, my luck wasn’t in – although I did strike a low level 10.00 payout on the wheel of fortune! With progressively bigger 100.00, 10,000.00 and the big one still eluding me….there’s always next time and someone has to win!

Mega Moolah – King of the Slot Jungle? 8/10
If you want the chance to be the true king of the casino – playing Mega Moolah has to be the first slot machine on any gamer’s hot list. It’s in the lap of the gods’ whether fate strikes your spin, but for sheer adrenalin, excitement and interactive rewards, Mega Moolah simply has to be played!

Tomb Raider Secret of the Sword Review

Sitting at the pinnacle of the online slot gaming world – the Lara Croft Tombraider compilation spins with an enduring appeal that continues to thrill every generation of online gamer.
Now – following hot on the heels of several Tombraider Slot classics, comes the latest instalment – Lara Croft; Secret of the Sword!
To test out Lara’s new assets, we loaded-up our favourite Microgaming casino and set Secret of the Sword spinning. Check-out whether the game’s a New-Gen classic, or sends Lara spinning into the slot abyss……..

Graphics 9/10
For anyone who played the original Tombraider Slot, way back in 2004 – you’ll know it had a serious gaming engine that mimicked the Lara Croft we know from the console classics. So – whether Lara was battling baddies in the Caves of Caliya or searching for Aztec treasure in the Amazon Jungle, her moves always had magnetic attraction. However, the new Lara Croft has undergone some hi-tech animated surgery to leave her and the rest of the game-scape simply irresistible! The world’s sexiest slot heroine is back with a real impact.
In fact, when we contacted the developers at Microgaming and asked the what to expect – they told us to expect nothing less than the most ambitious video slot we’ve ever set our eyes on. Were we disappointed – no way! In fact, Secret of the Sword’s photo realistic graphics really have set a new standard in slot gaming – heck, they make some console games look obsolete! Naturally, as much as we appreciate Lara’s fine form, she has to walk the walk too – so, does Secret of the Sword deliver game-play to match the looks?

Super slot features & game-play 9/10
Tombraider Secret of the Sword has 5 huge feature reels and an impressive 30 pay lines to activate – providing a slot quest that’s fully-loaded with enough prize ammo to impress the gun-slinging Lara, herself! The futuristic free spins, bonuses, wilds, scatters and interactive game-play is out of this world.
From the moment you launch Secret of the Sword, the bonus triggers are on red alert! The random Super Mode delivers 5 Free Spins, while discovering 3, 4 or 5 scattered Keys triggers 10 Free Spins, each containing the Rolling Reels™ feature – which can power-up to a 500% win multiplier!
Secret of the Sword delivers a super-enhanced gaming adventure, taking players on a deep, complex and progressive journey, through mystical destinations to unlock the riches of forgotten cultures – all done with an iconic and cutting-edge Tombraider grace.

Bonus screen 8/10
The power of classic Tombraider console gaming is brought to life in the awesome Secret of the Sword, ‘Global Adventure Bonus’ feature – delivering an interactive test of Lara’s agility, speed and treasure hunting power, as you guide her towards the mystical lost sword! If you’re a hot shot, you can shoot down the right disks and boost your rewards even higher. You even get the chance of a showdown with the deadly Amanda – although running into her evil character is likely to spell doom and disaster for your slot mission!

Jackpot & payout level 8/10
The latest Tombraider classic brings the power of arcade gaming, casinos and slot machines together in a highly playable gaming feast – but it’s accessible to every level of gamer! Thanks to spin value ranging from 0.01 up to a spin max of 60.00, Secret of the Sword has serious powers of attraction. It feels like you’re playing a console game – only this time there’s the potential to hit x450 coin jackpots – for a genuine tomb-raiding treasure!

Secret of the Sword – Judgement Time! 9/10
Fully licensed by Eidos – Tombraider Secret of the Sword delivers a premium slot adventure, only available at selected online casinos. Featuring a truly globally blockbusting theme, Lara Croft is set to spin into the casino hall of fame and go down as the most alluring and entertaining slot adventures of all time.