Online Blackjack Gaming

Online blackjack gaming is one of the ultimate casino challenges – just like it’s been for decades in gambling super cities such as Las Vegas. Featuring a cool combination of luck and skill, gamers can instantly enjoy the game that’s taken more cash from the jaws of greedy casinos, than any other! In fact, if you’ve seen the new casino movie, 21 – you’re probably already full of adrenalin and getting prepared to see if you can bring down the house. Check out the blackjack basics and get an edge with some simple blackjack logic……………..

If you’re not quite a Vegas pro – don’t worry, because online blackjack is very simple to grasp. In fact, with the latest free play offers, you can become a baic skill gamer before risking a penny of your own gaming bank! Simply put – blackjack is all about the value of 21. Your aim is to crush the dealer by forming a hand with a value as close to 21 as possible, without busting by going over 21. Every round begins with a 2 card draw to the house and the player, with one face-up dealer card; you then have the option of Standing or Hitting to draw another card. The round continues until you decide it’s time to Stand, you you bust. Naturally, hitting blackjack (Ace + 10) delivers the ultimate 3:2 hand. The real power of blackjack is released with the game’s awesome side bets – the double down, split and insurance wagers. Doubling-down boosts the table liability by 100%, forcing you to draw one more card before you stand. Similarly, splitting a pair doubles the initial stake and delivers two chances to win or lose. Finally, insurance wagering is the ultimate tool to combat the dealer’s hot and and receive a payout when they strike a blackjack!

If you want to maximise your gaming potential, it’s vital to know exactly when to strike with the advanced blackjack wagers. That’s why true blackjack professionals have the power to beat the casinos – their card counting systems analyse the deal and pack to create scores that indicate exactly when the advantage switch from dealer – player and vice versa. While it’s very difficult to card count on the web, every blackjack gamer and boost their entertainment and maximise winning hands by applying some very simple blackjack logic. Check out this simple but powerful double-down technique and make sure you test its power next time you hit the casino………

When to Double Down:
The double-down blackjack system instructs you to place the wager in two scenarios:

If the dealer’s hand is equal to 4, 5 or 6 and your first 2 cards have a value of either 10 or 11.


If the dealer’s combo equals 3 – 6 and your 2 card combo contains an Ace and a numbered card.

When NOT to Double Down:

If the dealer’s face-up card is a face value or a 10, the advantage is with the house, so never double-down!

Basic Black Jack Game

Few games can genuinely claim to be king of the casinos – but blackjack is one game that might just take the crown. In fact, in Vegas, Blackjack is known as the king maker – thanks to its power to respond with casino crushing intensity, when played with hardcore skill and strategy! While you might not become a true casino crusher, online blackjack can deliver a cool Vegas vibe instantly on your screen. What’s more, with a few simple tips, you can get a basic skilled-edge the next time you hit the casinos – they’d better watch out!

So – you’re ready for some serious blackjack action but don’t have a clue how to play? If that’s the case then sit back and chill out in the knowledge that thanks to free bonus credits, learning blackjack basics can now be done without spending a small fortune.

Blackjack is centred around the number 21 – and correspondingly, the aim of the game is to craft a combo as near to 21 as you can, without exceeding the value and losing the round! Hitting 21 with an Ace and a 10, creates the blackjack and is un-beatable. The dealer begins every round by dealing 2 cards to themselves and the player, with one face-up house card. Then it’s decision time – is your hand hot enough to stand, or should you hit for a fresh card and hope you don’t bust? The decision – is yours!

However, the real fun and big rewards of blackjack gaming are only realised once you begin using the big three blackjack wagers – known as the double-down, split and insurance bets. The double down is most gamers’ favourite wager, instantly doubling the initial stake on a 2 card combo – you’re then forced to draw 1 more card and face the dealer. Likewise, the split bet creates double the liability by creating 2 single hands from a pair of cards – delivering double the payout potential but double the risk! Meanwhile, the insurance wager is your chance to foil the house by predicting they will strike blackjack (the bet that can leave you feeling seriously smug!)

The key to blackjack success is to know how and when to utilise the advanced blackjack betting options to maximum effect. Professional blackjack gamers employ card counting methods to analyse the pack and create deadly pivot points that are the signal to unleash hell on the dealer, with hugely increased wager levels.

However, while online card counting can theoretically be used on the web – most gamers can benefit instantly from much simpler logical game play. In fact, one of the most effective basic blackjack strategies is based around the double-down wager. If you want to instantly become a better blackjack gamer – give it a try when you start playing…….

Simply double-down if the dealer’s face-up card is 4, 5 or 6 and your combo is 10 or 11, or when the house has a face-up 3 – 6, and your hand holds an Ace and a numbered card. However, don’t make the move when the face-up house card is a face card or a 10.

So, go downtown on the web and hit the blackjack tables with a Vegas swagger!

Online Blackjack 21

Online blackjack is one of the casinos world's most satisfying and potentially rewarding skill games – and one you can play in the knowledge that down the years no game has struck more fear into the hearts of the big casino bosses!

In fact – one of the biggest blackjack coups was performed by a groups of maths geek students from the MIT college in America (their story has just been released in the movie, 21). The students were taught to use blackjack 'card counting' techniques that allowed them to know when the game was strongly in their favour – at which point they placed huge bets and smashed the dealer!

Over the course of 2 years during the late 1980's, the legal scam took millions from the hottest blackjack venues in Vegas (boy were there some red faced casino owners when they found out they'd been legally robbed by a group of kids!).

Although you'll need to be a hot shot with numbers and have nerves of steel (and a baby face) to even think about emulating their success, you can use basic forms of card counting when playing blackjack in online casinos.

Simply put, blackjack card counting is the method of scoring each dealt card and creating a running count at the table. Each blackjack system creates a pivot point to advise you when the advantage is with you or the house. There are numerous blackjack systems available freely on the Internet. Even novice blackjack gamers can instantly start analysing the pack and casually observing the cards to decide if it favours them.

Once you've mastered a basic online blackjack strategy, the betting options of the game can be used with significantly more power.

Double Down – the blackjack bet that enables you to increase your initial wager by 100% after analysing the initial deal. If you know the pack is in your favour, this is the time to hit the dealer hard and hopefully make them pay.

Split Bets – as with the double down, splitting pair to create 2 hands doubles the liability of the round. However, with 2 chances to beat the house, splitting can be an awesome tool when you know you have the edge.

Insurance – if the dealer's initial hand has blackjack potential, placing an insurance bet covers the event and prevents the dealer giving you a nasty surprise if they do form a blackjack. If you know the dealer has the edge, insurance pays out at 2:1 and is the favoured tool of serious blackjack gamers.

If you fancy your chances of beating the dealer or simply want to give card counting a try, free play bonus sessions are the perfect way to hone your skills before playing with your own cash. The dealer might win this time – but one day you'll get your own back playing blackjack!

Online Blackjack Guide

Online blackjack is one of the premium skill games available in web casinos – delivering a first-class
gaming simulation, cool betting options and rewarding game-play. Check out our quick-start blackjack guide and the frequently asked gaming questions…….

How do you play online blackjack?
Blackjack is based on the ancient game of 21 – meaning the aim of the game is to beat the dealer by forming a hand with a value as close to 21 as possible.

Every blackjack round begins with the casino dealing themselves and the player 2 cards each. The player is generally allowed to see one of the dealer's cards, to aid betting decisions. The player is permitted to Hit and draw a fresh card, or Stand against the dealer.

Hitting 21 is known as Blackjack and and delivers an un-beatable combo that pays out at 3:2. However, the dealer can void the round by wiping out your hand by also getting Blackjack (bad luck or what!). Drawing another card that pushes your combo over 21, means you go bust and instantly lose the round.

There are numerous cool bets that can be used to boost the fun and potential pay outs when playing online blackjack:

Once you've analysed your 2 card deal, you need to decide whether the hand has the potential to smash the house. If it does, then double-down to increase your initial wager by 100% (i.e. £50 becomes £100). Clicking the double down button means you're forced to draw one more card and then stand. If you've guessed well – you'll win a double payouts, but risk it all if you blow it!

Split bets
Spit betting is similar to the double down but is used to slit a pair of cards into two separate hands and single wagers. Clever use of the split can mean hitting the dealer twice in one round – and even if one hand loses, there's a good chance of re-couping your cash with the other combo.

Insurance betting
Insurance wagers are the sneaky bet used by savvy online blackjack players to stop the dealer from blowing them out with a blackjack! If the dealers initial hand contains blackjack potential, you can trigger the insurance bet to cover the blackjack. Successful insurance bets pay out 2:1.

Can you play online blackjack with skill?
Blackjack is one of the best online casino games to play with a strategic approach and skill. You only need to take a look at the new movie, 21, to know that card counting techniques have the power to hit the casino hard and make them wish you never walked through the doors.

Of course, learning highly effective blackjack skills takes hours of hard work, but even novice gamers can start analysing the pack to make informed wagers (known as 'casual counting). The double-down, split bets and insurance options can be used with lethal effect by pro gamers. If you know the pack favours you – that's the time to trigger the bets and smash the dealer or protect yourself when the house has the edge.

Have people made millions playing blackjack?
The answer is yes – but only professional card counters can guarantee success. Many card counting teams and pro players have cracked Vegas, such as the MIT Students who literally scooped millions of dollars from some of the biggest gaming venues in the Neon City! It is possible to make cash from online blackjack casinos, but it's not possible for card counters to attack them (legally) as they can offline. Most gamers can reach a level of game-play that can boost their wins and enjoy more winning sessions against the dealer. If that's enough to make a regular profit will depend on your dedication and skill level.

Who will enjoy online blackjack?
Online blackjack is enjoyed by thousands of casual and hardcore casino gamers. If you're a leisure gamer looking for a high-class, relaxing casino game with real-feel graphics and game-play – blackjack could be the one. In contrast, high-stakes gamers can enjoy an ideal skill gaming atmosphere and the potential of getting an edge.