Choosing The Best Virtual Vegas

Millions of gamers know the value of online casino websites, or are ready to swap traditional gaming niches for the excitement and potential rewards of the casino. However, the casino world offers players a huge range of niches and options – meaning it can seem like a bit of a whirlwind if you're new to the scene. Fortunately, it's not as complicated as it might seem – and with the latest options and jackpots, it's like virtual Vegas. Check out our quick-fire guide to online casino gaming, and make the choices which could be worth millions in jackpot rewards!

Online casino gaming – choosing the best virtual Vegas?
Over the past decade, a crop of high-end online casino destinations have emerged with real credibility, all fully-regulated by gambling associations. Naturally, this has turned the web into a very safe, honest and secure gaming environment – so picking a reputable casino is virtually guaranteed, especially if you select casinos using deluxe gaming software, such as the award winning Microgaming or Playtech. While some web casino sites, focus on specific games like poker – most gamers will get the most fun and potential winnings, by opting for an online super casino, which offer more than 200 slots, video poker, craps, roulette, baccarat, poker, blackjack – plus progressive jackpot slots and parlour games.

Cool strategies for online casino gamers
Online strategy gaming is seriously popular among millions of casino gamers in cyberspace – and what's more it's being used by everyone from total novices to full-time professional gamblers! Games such as roulette, blackjack and video poker remain the most frequently played strategic options, with countless systems available to try. Strategy gaming doesn't have to use skill to win – it can simply be a strict set of rules, to guide you to make crucial betting decisions at the right moment, or wager in a pre-defined pattern. For example, martingale betting is the most widely used roulette system in online casino websites:

> Place 1 Credit on Red/Black
> If your bet wins, place a new 1 Credit bet
> If your bet fails, bet again with 2 Credits
> Keep doubling-up your stakes until you win

Many casino systems are worth testing-out, but should be played with low stakes until you're sure they work. In addition, playing with a session stop-loss limit will enable you to ride through the inevitable losing run – like a true pro gamer!

Casino bonuses
Whether you just want to sample the latest slot and casino games, or have the desire to try and beat the casino using strategies, free bonus cash is the ideal way to play 100% for free. Snapping-up no-deposit offers gives you a bank full of free credits and a chance to convert it into real cash.

Ready For Some Slots Action?

What can beat a slot session in a cool arcade – when it comes to a slotmachinejackpotblend of fun, and gaming for the possibility of some seriously cool wins? Well, the only thing that can beat it, is by forgetting about the land-based arcades and pubs – and heading in to cyberspace to sample the most deluxe slot games ever created, plus a cool range of classic slot machines – just for those of you still yearning for your nostalgic gaming days! Check out the latest online slot action, and give them the spin they deserve………

Traditional Slot power
Classic slots have an undeniable appeal – the themes are cute, fun and just a little bit cheesy – although that’s half the appeal! Fortunately, with more than 120 slot machines available in high class web casinos, you’ll find hoards of classic fruit machines and Vegas bandits lined-up one by one. Many of the games are instantly recognisable, while other deliver whole new themes. What’s more, with simple click and spin technology, simple bonus features like holds, nudges and bonus trails and all the classic fruity icons – it’s an awesome slot fest. Of course, don’t think for one minute that these simple games don’t have payout power – the jackpots can more than make your days with tens of thousand thousand winnable for high spinning gamers.

Advanced next gen Slots
While the fun of nostalgic slot interfaces are well worth some of your gaming pennies – the allure of the next generation slot games is where cutting-edge gamers are being drawn to in their thousands. Featuring photo real graphics, hot themes, interactive bonus screens and mega high payout scope, they’re like hybrid mixes of console games and slots! Video slots like the award winning Tombraider Secret of the Sword are revolutionising the quality and themed depth of slots, while blockbusting games like The Osbournes Video Slot illustrate the high-end direction of slots.

Progressing the jackpot fun!
Jackpot gaming is of course – the ultimate dream for every slot gamer. Well, there’s nothing bigger in the online jackpot world than progressive jackpot games – the concepts with the thrill factor to deliver stunning wins, which can topple 1 million dollars! Games like Major Millions Progressive Slot are now famous branded games and they’re worth a weekly session for every gamer.

Credit crunching slot games
Slot gaming is all about luck, but the good news is you can enjoy hours of gaming without having to spend a small fortune! In fact, with stakes as low as 0.01 on some machines, there’s no better credit crunching form of entertainment. Of course, if you’re about to sign-up to a new casino, you can even play free slot bonus sessions – without depositing a penny until you’re sure you love the action.

Instant Entertainment & Fortune!

Online slots – they’re the king of leisure gaming on the Internet, can ipadslotsbe played by anyone – any time, and have the jackpot power to seriously make your day! What’s more, they offer tremendous value for money – making them the ultimate credit crunching leisure activity for winter 2008/09. Check out the super slot power of the web……..

Instant entertainment
Few games have the intrinsic appeal of slot machines – they just look like presents waiting to be un-wrapped! Thanks to the latest casino software, online slots are just as appealing as the ‘real things’, offering both classic fruit machine gaming, and the very latest in next generation action. Accordingly – you can feast upon click and spin 3 reel slots with funky cartoon themes, or gorge on futuristic interactive video slots, like Tombraider Secret of the Sword. Online slot games are very precise replicas of the slot games which have thrilled gamers for generations, with all the cool features like wilds, scatters, free spins, nudges, holds, bonus trails, win multipliers – and much more.

Ultra-affordable spinning
Web slots offer a huge advantage over many offline slot machines – and that’s their wide range of wager levels. In fact, hundreds of slots can be played with bets as small as 0.01, while other have minimum bets of 0.10. In contrast, you can go hardcore and spin with 50.00 per more on big slot machines.

Mega jackpot rewards
The average slot games returns around 95 pence in the pound, meaning their payout zone is around 95%. If you decide to become a regular slot player – that means you’ll be able to enjoy the thrill of regular winning spins, and have a fair battle against the machine. Of course, the payouts are only ‘averages’ – and some gamers will get seriously lucky – with progressive jackpot games capable of delivering wins hovering over 1 million dollars! However, slot payouts are dependent on your wager level, so as your bank builds – you’ll be able to play for progressively bigger jackpots!

Slot tips for success
Although online slot gaming is really all about striking it lucky with your spins – you can still use common sense to game for longer with the same bank, which could be all it takes to stay in the session long enough to strike the big one! Check out our top slot tips for extended gaming sessions:

> Use free-play casino bonuses to try and win risk-free slot cash
> Game with slot money you can afford to lose!
> Set a weekly and session budget
> Don’t chase slot losses with big spin values!
> Use level stake spins (such as a max bet of 1.00 per spin)

Ultimate Scratch Card Guide

Is there any game that delivers intrinsic fun and excitement as much scratchcard2as the classic UK scratch card? Probably not! However, the traditional concept of scratchie gaming (as it’s affectionately known by many players), has a serious contender for the title of best instant-play lotto. In fact, it’s the online version of scratch games that’s threatening the supremacy of basic cards. Check out why the new generation of scratch cards are the real deal – and get scratching to try them for yourself…….

Online scratch sensation

Scratchie gaming on the web is just as exciting as scratching away on regular scratch cards – only this time you simply click on the cards to auto scratch – forget about nails filled with silver foil! What’s more, the online variety of the world famous games contain animated graphics, audio features, fun-packed themes and a huge range of card values. Online scratchies can be more affordable and longer lasting than classic cards, with stakes as low as 0.01 to 0.10 per play. With 24/7 availability – they’re also ultra-flexible – play them at home, work or even on your mobile phone!

Scratch for cash

Playing scratch cards delivers one of the ultimate ways to have fun on the web – but let’s face it, the jackpot chance is the big appeal that makes the games even more fun! The big question is of course – just how much can a lucky scratch win you? The answer is anything from pennies to tens or hundreds of thousand! Scratch card games payout averages in the region of 95% and over, meaning all regular long-term gamers will enjoy some cool wins – even if they’re not up to super jackpot level! However, big time scratchie winners really do hit the big time every week and month. All scratch payouts on the web are dependent on the game cost, as depicted below:

  • 1 coin scratch payout: 1000 coins
  • 2 coin scratch payout: 2000 coins
  • 3 coin scratch payout: 3000 coins
  • 4 coin scratch payout: 4000 coins

If you won the jackpot with a scratch card costing 0.40 (4 x 10 pence), then you’d get 4000 x 0.10 = 4000.00. This figure would jump hugely to 40000.00 if you gamed with 4 x 10.00!

Scratch card boosters

Scratch gaming is fundamentally a challenge of luck and fate – pick the right card and you’re guaranteed success – but you could just as easily curse your luck by selecting the wrong one or playing at the wrong moment! So, with that firmly in mind – skill gamers look away now! However, there are some well used tips to maximise the fun and keep you gaming in search of jackpot fortunes…..

> Play scratchies for total leisure, with cash reserved for fun!
> Select a certain card value and number of total cards to player per session and week
> Never opt for high value cards during bad sessions – it’s just bad luck!
> Play a few separate sessions every week, rather than one big scratchie sess!
> Snap up free-play casino bonus credits to play for free